Ben Zander for Week 3 (3/52)

Lotusphere2009-93 (3/52), originally uploaded by Greyhawk68.

Well for my 52 Weeks project, I was going to be in Orlando for Lotusphere for Week three. I had planned on doing some nice HDR stuff, or maybe a long exposure of water at one of the fountains, but just never got around to it. So, I went through all the pictures I took at Lotusphere and tried to grab the best one.

I had some good candid portraits of Conductor Ben Zander ( ) and I had some artsy stuff of a set of lights, but I think this one is just perfect.

It captures him coming on stage, frames him with his background up on the screen and his piano. He has a great look on his face, and it captures the motion. So even though this isn’t the shot for the week I set out to challenge myself with, it’s the one I’m going with because I like it a lot.

Hope you do too. Now on to Week 4!