Happy Blogoversary to ME!

Well today marks one day and five years since I first started this blog. It’s a pretty cool milestone in my opinion, and I’m thrilled that I’ve kept up with this so long. A lot of people thought that blogging was a fad but I guess I was one voice among the throng that helped prove them wrong.

I still write this for me because I want to, I just need an outlet to sometimes be creative, sometimes bitch, but most of all, just write. I’m a writer at heart, and I need my outlet. Having said that, I am happy and humbled that so many of you follow along and are a part of Greyhawk’s Meanderings.

Over the years this blog has made me many friends (and some enemies.) It’s gotten me a columnist job. It’s gotten Comcast’s attention. It’s kept me in touch with family and friends. It’s helped me find old friends. It’s helped me find answers. Most of all, it’s helped me find myself.

Here’s to another five years of self discovery.