RIP Baby July 17th – September 23rd 2008

This past week, we got both of my daughters a kitten. It was an early birthday present and each daughter got to pick their own cat. Well my eldest picked out the runt of a litter, an adorable little thing. She named her Baby, and for the last week she has been the perfect Mom to that kitten. The kitten seemed well until Sunday afternoon when it wouldn’t eat and kind of slept funny. We got her to the vet on Monday and the vet said that if necessary we needed to make sure she ate. Well that afternoon, the kitten ate great and seemed well. Then in the evening, it seemed like she was out of it again. We gave her some food and water through a dropper, held her for awhile and put her to bed.

This morning she was unresponsive but still breathing when I left for work. About 15 minutes after I got to work, I got the phonecall. My daughter in tears telling me that Baby was dead. Apparently the kitten waited for my daughter to wake up. She raised her head when she heard Kali’s voice, and then Kali held her. Two minutes later, Baby passed away.

The sound of anguish in my six year old’s voice was horrible. She’s only six, and I’d do anything to take that pain away. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do. This is one of those lessons she just has to learn from and work through. All we can do is support her…

Damn this has been a bad year for pets in the Roling household.