I feel dirty…

For a long while, I have really liked Fake Steve Jobs. The blog was funny. The satire attacked various conventions, companies and people, but since you knew it was fake, it was more funny than insulting.

Now we find out that Fake Steve Jobs is Daniel Lyons (via Vowe). The same Dan Lyons that has been saying Notes is dead for years, and the same Dan Lyons that wrote Attack of the Blogs. The same Dan Lyons that tried to get people fired for disputing his journalism.

In the fake blog, he called open-source advocates “freetards” and thinking that Steve Jobs was saying that was funny, because we know Steve wouldn’t really think that way. OSX is built on FreeBSD for crissakes. But we know that Dan has taken as many shots at Linux as he has at Lotus. So now freetards is far more insulting, because you know deep down the guy means it.

FSJ just allowed Lyon’s to be a total dick under the guise of satire. Trust me, his writing is more truth than satire. I’ll give him credit though. While I didn’t know who he was, he was very entertaining. Now I just feel dirty.

Once the blog moves to forbes.com, I’ll no longer subscribe. Because I don’t want any money going to that publication or it’s advertising. Maybe that’s just ME being a dick, but I can live with that.