Some stuff to point out to the Radicati Group

Um, I just wanted to point out some things to the Radicati group. First, Google just released an RSS Reader. RSS is mainly used to aggregate BLOG information. Microsoft announced widespread support for RSS in Vista. AOL bought Weblogs Inc. which is a conglomeration of web logs. They sold for between $20 and $35 MILLION dollars. Oh and Dave Winer sold to VeriSign. is a service that does pretty much nothing other than allowing search engines to know when blogs are updated. It’s a ping tool for updates… TO BLOGS.

This is what the article above stated:

According to VeriSign’s Graves, the company decided to acquire assets when it became clear that the service needed significant infrastructure investment to cope with the millions of daily blog pings.

They needed to cope with the millions of daily blog pings. Seems like blogging is big business now, and it’s still growing. Seems to fly in the face of what our favorite analyst group predicted for blogging this year huh? Sorry, sometimes I just have to point out things that are obvious to everyone in the world other than certain analysts… 🙂

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