I'm in Orlando!

Well, in what appears to be a common occurrence in our Lotus blogosphere, I decided to jump on an earlier flight than I had originally intended. You see, I live in Chicago, and was supposed to leave at 7:20 AM on Saturday morning. Well about 7PM Friday night, a storm was hitting that could dump up to a foot of snow on the Windy City by morning. If I would have waited, there’s no doubt in my mind that my flight would either have been cancelled or at least delayed pretty severely.

Those were headaches that I didn’t need to deal with, so I got on an earlier flight, got an extra night at the Dolphin, and life is good. I arrived at the Dolphin about 12:45 AM Saturday morning and got settled in. Time for the festivities to begin. Look forward to seeing you all here, or reporting to those of you back home.

And to my family, I miss you immensely already.