RIP Dimebag Darrell

Today in the car I heard some very sad and unsettling news. Lead guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott of the band Damageplan (and one of the founders of Pantera) was murdered on-stage at a show in Ohio last evening.

A gunman got on stage less than a minute into their set and headed straight for Darrell, shooting him 5-6 times. You can get more info on it here.

Back in their heyday, I saw Pantera live at least 6-7 times. They were one of my favorite bands, and Darrell had one of the most unique guitar sounds in metal. He was such a talent, and will be sorely missed.

I cannot imagine how this affecting the remaining members of the band, especially drummer Vinnie Paul, who also happened to be Darrell’s brother. My heart goes out to you, your families, and to all of the fans that are saddened by this loss.

Damageplan was to play here in Chicago tomorrow morning at a radio stations concert. Talks of a tribute are already underway. The show is definitely going to have a black cloud surrounding it.

The worst thing about this all is that the guman died as well. I would have liked to seen him sent to prision to be raped by big Pantera fans for all eternity. Bastard.

[sigh] Rest in Peace Darrell. You will be missed.

*Dimebag Photo courtest of Adam Leota