Bush's stance on outsourcing: Community College!

When asked point-blank what he would say to someone who lost his high-paying job to someone overseas due to outsourcing, president Bush said absolutely nothing about stemming that tide. What he did do was say that he would provide education assistance to those people so they could have “the skills necessary for the 21st century.” He stated that unemployed folks would be able to get their skills at their local community college.

I have news for you Mr. President. I HAVE the skills for the 21st century, community college isn’t going to do a fucking thing for me. I have a college degree, I have numerous certifications, I have experience with high-tech skills ranging all over the place. Yet, jobs that I am qualified for are getting shipped to India at an alarming rate. And to top it off, firms using such practices are getting tax deferrals. I believe that many high tech workers are in the same boat. They HAVE the skills. Skills that “community college” won’t replace. Let’s work on keeping the jobs at home damnit.

When Bush’s job gets outsourced to John Kerry in November, maybe HE can go to community college. Idiot.