I've joined the elite Apple masses… kinda

Well I’ve finally succumbed to gadget lust and joined the shiny, happy Apple elite and bought myself an iPod. With the new job, I’ll be in the car a couple of hours a day, so I thought it was time to start bringing my music with me 🙂

One thing I always thought about Apple products is that they just WORKED. Apple stuff is supposed to have an ease of use that anyone can jump right in. Well that may be the case generally, but the install of the iPod sucked. Not user friendly at all, it locked up my uber machine several times, and it choked while installing when it figured out that I had a new version of iTunes than the one it wanted. I had to uninstall/reinstall several times before I finally got it working. THEN, the iPod itself locked up in the doc, and when I removed it, it changed the menus to Japanese Kanji characters… [sigh]

Well I fixed that finally too, and now everything supposedly is fine. All I know is that I had a rock solid machine that never crashed until I hooked this thing up to it… Apple might rock when connecting to Apple products, but when connecting to Windows, it’s anything BUT the experience I was expecting…