Cowboy Mouth Rocked Lisle

Thursday night I got to see Cowboy Mouth perform at the Lisle, IL Eyes to the Skies festival. Eyes to the Skies is an annual festival where they launch a ton of hot air balloons. It was a pretty cool festival, the main part I enjoyed though was seeing the Mouth.

Cowboy Mouth is a New Orleans rock band that has been around for quite some time. They’ve always been rock with kind of a southern twang at times and always very high energy. They have four great musicians and three great vocalists. And as for live acts (and I’ve seen hundreds) they rank right up at the tops of my lists. Do yourself a favor and pick up some Cowboy Mouth if you see it in a store, or better yet, if you have a chance to see them live, do so.

It’s hard to explain the kind of energy they bring, but drummer/vocalist/band leader Fred LeBlanc is an absolute MADMAN behind the kit. Bruce would love him. To put it in perspective, the stage at the festival is surrounded by a moat, and then there’s a big hill everyone sits on. At one point of the show, Fred jumped into the moat, walked/swam across, got into the audience and made everyone move closer to the stage. At the same time he took a woman’s piece of pizza, another persons beer, and grabbed some kids to bring up on stage. He got two kids up on stage with him and had one hammer on the cymbals and the other hammer on the drum during their most popular song “Jenny Says.”

By the end of the show, it seemed that everyone there was a Cowboy Mouth fan. After the show the band hung around their merchandise tent and signed autographs and took pictures. I got my CD signed by everyone and got pictures taken. And it was my daughters’ first concert. The cutest thing in the world was watching her jump and dance to the band. It was a very cool night to say the least. I’ll post a bunch of pictures on soon.