The Blame Game

Okay, this story makes me sick.  The gist of it is this.  Two kids, aged 16 and 14 took out a .22 caliber gun and shot it into traffic repeatedly.  They ended up killing two people.  Why did they do it?  Well they said that they saw it in the game Grand Theft Auto 3.  Now Grand Theft Auto 3 is a violent game where you play a Mafia guy that jacks cars, kills people and beats prostitutes.   So no, the subject matter ain’t pretty, but it did not CAUSE THE KIDS TO KILL.

Anyway, the families of the victims are suing the game company and Wal-Mart for selling the game. They couldn’t possibly blame the kids or their PARENTS for this… First of all, how did a 16 and 14 year old get access to a gun? Secondly, how did they get the game as it’s rated as M by the ratings board? And then, how did they not know the consequences of their actions? Did their parents not teach them what is fantasy and what is reality? I mean for god’s sakes, at that age they should know better. And anyone that thinks that a videogame caused this is an idiot. I know the families of the victims are hurting and want someone to blame, but for god sakes, blame the people that deserve it. We’re too litigious as a country. It has to stop, and the blame has to go to the right people.

McDonalds didn’t make you fat, Cigarette companies didn’t give you cancer, and videogames/movies/music do not kill people. Take some personal fucking responsibility.Personally I hope the kids rot in prison for the rest of their lives. They are too stupid to be allowed to breed.