Lack of creativity

Weird week. Nothing in particular happened to make it that way, I’m just feeling that way. Kinda still catching up from the week I was away, and also, because of that, feeling kinda “blah.” I haven’t had a chance to be creative recently, and maybe that’s the problem. Tonight is Valentine’s Day however, so I won’t be doing anything creative there. Well at least not outside of the bedroom 🙂 Also, my parents are supposed to come into town tomorrow to visit and see Kali. We were supposed to have a major snow storm here and I thought my parents wouldn’t be coming. Now it looks like we’re not getting the snow so they might be.

So, since I’m in limbo, I have no idea what I’m doing this weekend! I still need to finish cleaning out my stuff from Kali’s new bedroom (not creative) and I have to clean the ferret cage (also not creative.) I also need to hook up all of my old computers downstairs (not creative) and I have to re-install operating systems and get them up and running (not creative, but fun at least.) So anyway, I may be in boredom mode for a little while longer… I just need to break out of it.

I need to re-focus on operation new man. And soon…