Recovered from Lotusphere

Sorry it’s been a few weeks. First I was at Lotusphere for a week, and then I had a week to recover and catch up on everything I missed while I was away. Well one of the first things that happened was that my boss, Denis, was fired while I was away.

It was quite a shock, but not entirely unexpected. It really made me fear for my job as well because I didn’t know how my standing was as I was pretty close with Denis. Well it turns out that I’m fine and all of my worrying was unfounded. I guess you can’t help but be worried when something like that happens, but I guess I was going a little overboard, at least according to Jen 🙂

Well, on happier news, Lotusphere was pretty good despite the dark cloud hanging over it. I learned a lot, and I hope to put a lot of it to use soon here. Much of it had to do with new versions of Notes/Domino and Sametime, and I look forward to upgrading and putting my new knowledge to work. Lotusphere is a pretty cool thing. You learn about great technology, get to network with lots of cool people, and even get to talk directly with the engineers that CODE Notes. You cannot get any closer. In fact, the first night there I spent drinking with some big name Loti, and it was way cool to be so close. Lotusphere is like a giant family gathering where everyone actually gets along. Too cool.

On the Mom front, she’s doing well and her and Dad should be visiting next weekend. They are not going to recognize Kali. She is moving around so well now and talking up a storm. I can’t wait until they see her. It’s going to be awesome.