For Jen – Happy Valentine’s Day

Never Stop by Safety Suit

This is my love song to you
Let every woman know I’m yours
So you can fall asleep each night, babe
And know I’m dreaming of you more

You’re always hoping that we make it
You always want to keep my gaze
Well you’re the only one I see
And that’s the one thing that won’t change

I’ll never stop trying
I’ll never stop watching as you leave
I’ll never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you looking back at me
I’ll never stop holding your hand
I’ll never stop opening your door
I’ll never stop choosing you babe
I’ll never get used to you

And with this love song to you
It’s not a momentary phase
You are my life, I don’t deserve you
But you love me just the same
And as the mirror says we’re older
I will not look the other way
You are my life, my love, my only
And that’s the one thing that won’t change

I’ll never stop trying
I’ll never stop watching as you leave
I’ll never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you looking back at me
I’ll never stop holding your hand
I’ll never stop opening your door
I’ll never stop choosing you babe
I’ll never get used to you

Still get my heart racing (you)
Still get my heart racing (for you)
Still get my heart racing (you)
Still get my heart racing (for you)

I’ll never stop trying
I’ll never stop watching as you leave
I’ll never stop losing my breath
Every time I see you looking back at me
I’ll never stop holding your hand
I’ll never stop opening your door
I’ll never stop choosing you babe
I’ll never get used to you

Still get my heart racing (you)
Still get my heart racing (for you)
Still get my heart racing (you)
Still get my heart racing (for you)

Lotusphere 2012 Recap

The Swan #ls12
I know that Lotusphere was a couple weeks ago now, but this year I decided to digest it a bit before I put it down on the page here.

The Show

This year was one of the better Lotusphere events in recent memory.  The OGS started with OKGo rocking though three songs and then Michael J Fox was our guest speaker.  The OGS continued on a fast pace with lots of demos and nothing lagging.  It was a huge departure from last year for sure, and very welcome.

The news was all mostly good.  IBM is making everything incrementally better and more connected to each other.  It’s obvious that the Lotus brand is getting sunset (even though next year it’s supposed to still be called Lotusphere) but I think that’s okay in the grand scheme.  IBM has better brand awareness now and Lotus is considered legacy by too many.

For me, the biggest things concerning the whole “social” theme were support for OpenSocial, Embedded Experiences and the Activity Stream.  I’m so used to activity streams in Twitter and Facebook and the like that I’m actually excited by the prospect of this in the business world.  I’m a fairly brutal when it comes to filtering things in real life, and for me I think it will translate well to the business world.  Also, being able to tie into other systems with OAuth and such will be very beneficial.

There were no huge announcements this year, and that’s okay.  The incremental pieces are making everything more usable which is really cool.  The only thing really “out there” was a plug in for Internet Explorer that allows your browser to natively run Lotus Notes apps.  This is fairly amazing.  Too bad it’s windows only, but I still like it.

Me Personally

This year was new for me in a different way.  Since IBM eliminated the blogger program ( how social of them :-) ), this was the first time I wasn’t attending Lotusphere as Press or as a blogger in something like six or seven years.  That means I didn’t have a full schedule of interviews and press conferences to attend.  It was actually really nice as I got to see more of Lotusphere proper than I had in years past.  That said, I did something I had never done at Lotusphere before, and that was speak.

I was on two customer panels.  One was the Customer Evangelist panel and another one was about using Social in the SMB space.  So I didn’t have to prepare like a normal speaker.  In the Evangelist panel I had five slides and five minutes to speak and on the Social panel I just had to answer questions from our panel moderator (Ed Brill) and questions from reporters in the room.

I really enjoyed both, and might actually try my hand at speaking in the future if they’ll have me.  I’ve always loved speaking at events like these, so now I just need to find something compelling enough to talk about.

The essential human element

Some of you will remember the “essential human element” as a past Lotusphere theme.  For me, that’s the theme that has always stuck, because no matter what we are doing in life, it’s our interactions with each other that matter most.  This Lotusphere was no different.  At the end of every day, I gathered with co-workers and friends to relax, talk, smoke cigars and have a few libations.

Kimonos was rather crowded this year, so we didn’t spend as much time there as in previous years, but it was still a good time when we did.  The weather was very cooperative, and sitting outdoors at tables by the Swan and Dolphin pools made for wonderful evenings.

These folks are like family to me, and I know I say that every year, but I really cherish the time I get to spend them.  This is what truly what makes Lotusphere special.  Social?  It’s nothing new.  We’ve been Social for twenty years, I’m just glad IBM finally caught up.


CES 2012

Amex CES #ces12For those of you that don’t know, I work in the trade show industry.  I’m the Director of IT for a premier exhibit marketer.  We do everything related to exhibit marketing.  Design, Build, Warehouse, Ship, Install, Tear Down etc.

Since I’m on the back-end IT side of things, I normally don’t go to the show floor to see how things happen leading up to an event.  This year I decided to change that, and go see what takes place before an event.  I figured I might as well go big and hit the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas.

In a word, overwhelming.

This show is absolutely huge.  On the CES website they state that there are 35 American football fields worth of exhibit floor.  I walked all of that.  Every day.  For three days straight.

I walked it on Monday, before the show was open to the public.  I had my exhibitor badge and got to wander and check everything out.  This was about 20 hours before the show went live, and it’s amazing how much work still has to be done in that last period of time.  I honestly was floored by how much teams for every exhibit do in that last day.  They had been setting up for a week already, and still had tons of fit and finish work to do.

One Tuesday I got there about an hour before the doors open, and I was able to once again walk around before the floodgates opened.  There was still polishing and vacuuming and tons of other things going on everywhere.  Teams really do make the most of their time.  :-)

I spent the day walking the floor again, taking pictures, and checking out various products.  I just wanted to take in the enormity of things, so I spent most of my time walking and checking out differing booth designs and how different categories of products related to each other.  It tends to become sensory overload really quickly.  There must have been 40 premium headphones vendors and just as many iPhone case manufacturers.  Those were just two of the many categories of products.  But even though we in the tech industry enjoy CES, this is really a show focused on the average consumer.  People buying TV’s, cell phones, tablets, stereo equipment, accessories, car stereos etc.  Sure, many manufactures showed off ultra-book designs to compete with the likes of Apple’s MacBook Air, but that wasn’t the big focus.

So I enjoyed it, but since it was my first time, I ran around and looked at everything fairly superficially.  I think in future years I would probably plan out what I wanted to look at first and map out where I wanted to go.  It would make for a less harried experience. That said, I really have a new admiration for the people that put these events and booths together.  The work put in is simply mind-boggling.

In all, CES is an awesome behemoth of a show and worth a trip to other gadget addicts out there such as myself.  It’s absolutely overwhelming in every sense of the word, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing :-)

If you want to check out my photos of some of the various booth designs.  You can find them here.

2012 Resolutions

In years past, I’ve gone fairly in depth, and fairly specifically, into what my resolutions for the new year were.  This year, I’m taking a slightly different track.  So without further adieu, in 2012 I resolve to:

  • Eat slightly less
  • Exercise slightly more
  • Watch less TV
  • Take more photographs
  • Be slower to anger
  • Be quicker to forgive
  • Criticize less
  • Hug more

Yup, that’s it.  A bunch of little things that all done together will make for a better life and a better year. Here’s to a wonderful 2012 for us all!

Reflections on 2011

Well, it’s time again for my yearly post that looks back on the previous year and my resolutions to see how I’ve done.  Well for the resolutions, I flat out sucked to be quite honest.  I didn’t get more fit, and rather gained back some weight.  I spent more time traveling and working and a little less with my family.  In fact, I think we were all over-scheduled a bit.  As for photography, I didn’t really do anything artistic, but did get a lot better at taking photos of sporting events thanks to my daughter’s gymnastics.

About the only thing I did accomplish from my list was to enjoy what I have and decrease spending.  Even with that, there never seemed to be a surplus of money.  Seems we always just get by.

Now if you read the above, you might think I had a crummy year, but the opposite is true.  It was actually quite good, and here are some reasons why:

  • We accomplished a ton at work this year.  We opened a new office, moved three others, updated systems, launched a killer XPages application, increased network capacity and much more.  In fact, it’s been IT’s most productive year I can remember.  I owe all of that to the awesome team of individuals I have working with me.
  • My youngest had a great gymnastics season, and her and her team ended up winning first place at Nationals.  She was ranked 6th overall in the nation for her age group.  It was pretty amazing.
  • Nationals was at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports at Disney in Orlando.  So in the spring, we made the trip and enjoyed a vacation as well.  That didn’t help the whole “spending” thing though.
  • My eldest started dancing at two new places (one a competitive team and the other for technique classes) and she really enjoys it.  In addition she’s found a few new really close friends out of the deal, and that’s pretty cool.
  • The man cave really came into it’s own.  It got lots of use as I was able to have friends over for poker or sports or just to hang out.  The ability to do that this year was really nice and helped keep me level headed.
  •  The Zen attitude really helped this year.  My whole “let go” motif has really served me well.  Now it doesn’t always work, I am human after all, but for the most part I’ve been able to not be bothered by things I cannot change. I’ve also been pretty good at the separation of work and home life, and that has made things better for the family.
  • Most recently, I was picked to speak twice at Lotusphere in 2012.  It’s quite the honor and I look forward it it in January.

So the year itself was pretty great overall.  Myself and my family were happy, healthy and busy, which is much better than the alternatives.  Here’s to an even better 2012.

Bah F’ing Humbug

Not sure why really, but I just couldn’t get into the holiday spirit this year.  I generally love the Holidays and the time leading up to it but this year I just went through the motions.

It could have been the fact that it’s been an incredibly mild fall and early winter so far.  We’ve barely had any snow, and temps have been really warm for Chicago.  It’s been rainy and grey and bleak.  So the season didn’t feel like Christmas.

In addition, I love to give gifts.  I love to surprise people, and try to get that perfect gift that makes them go wow.  But this year, things have been much tighter money-wise and so we scaled WAY back.  In fact the wife and I pretty much knew what we were getting each other, and it wasn’t much.  So I didn’t get that feeling of snagging the perfect gift. I know that’s not the reason for the season, but it’s a fun piece that I felt I missed out on a bit.

Work has been high stress at the moment too, and it’s for a good reason, but the normally relaxed holiday season has been a million miles an hour.  A major office move, and a major project all aligning at the same time meant glitches.  Glitches that normally aren’t a big deal, but when you are on a deadline, things change a bit.  Some of glitches are out of our hands too, and I hate that feeling of being responsible for something yet not being able to fix it myself.

Next, my kids are at an age where they are constantly at each others throats.  So it seems every time we are in a car, or spending time together as a family, they are fighting like cats and dogs.  The eldest is constantly neglecting the youngest, and the youngest is purposefully being annoying to compensate.  In addition, the youngest is hypoglycemic, so she needs to eat right and watch her sugar intake.  But she’s been horrible about not wanting to eat anything that might be decent for her.  So THAT has been a struggle.  Then she spent all of Christmas with a horrible cold that blossomed into nasal and ear infections. So she was completely miserable for the holiday and it sucks to see her this way.  After the doctor’s visit today, hopefully that improves.

It also seems like forever since the wife and I have had a date night.  We don’t do babysitters, so it’s always generally my in-laws that take the girls for a night when we need it.  But, we’ve been so busy for the last several months that we just haven’t had time to get away for a movie or dinner.  So I’m missing that.

So fuck it, I’m in a shitty mood.  And today’s work glitches (that we couldn’t control) did not help matters.

But all of that said, I think everyone is entitled to have shitty moods once in awhile.  So I can wallow a bit and not feel the least bit guilty.  But, I’m not going to take it lying down.  It’s time to reverse the mood, and here are some reasons why.

For one, I’m speaking at Lotusphere for the first time ever.  That kicks ass.  For those of you who aren’t part of my Lotus circle of friends, Lotusphere is the annual IBM conference that talks about social software.  It’s a honor to speak, and I’m thrilled to be a part of two sessions.

Next, I’ll be attending the Consumer Electronics Show in a couple of weeks.  The company I work for does a lot of work for that show, so I wanted to see some behind the scenes, and I’m just a huge gadget nerd too.  So even though it’s work, I think it’s something I’ll really enjoy.

Most importantly, my family has their health (minus poor youngest’s cold), I have a job that I really do love, I work with people whom I trust and admire, and I’m blessed to have family that I actually like to be around and see on a regular basis.

So as I sit here in my kick ass man cave, listening to music on the Sonos, smoking a cigar and drinking some Scotch while typing this blog, I just have to say to myself “Suck it up you pussy.”  So that’s what I’m going to do.  Time to harden the fuck up.

So today, Bah Fucking Humbug.  Tomorrow, I reign supreme.

R.I.P. Napster

Today the Napster service was absorbed by Rhapsody in the United States.  I’ve been a long time user of Napster, and am really sad to see it go.

For those of you unaware, the original Napster program was basically a way to get free music.  You would connect to others and share MP3’s.  The MP3 format basically made it easy for anyone to rip a CD and make it available to the world.  So you could try any music you liked, but it also lead to rampant piracy.

Now instead of trying to embrace and extend the MP3 concept, record companies sued Napster into oblivion. It took a long time for music companies to come around.  And a lot of it had to do with Steve Jobs and Apple requesting that copy protection be removed from songs.  Once that happened, many services started to emerge.

Napster itself rose from the dead as a pay service for music subscriptions.  It had a better library than others as well as higher quality music files.  It also had the ability to download tracks for offline listening.  So I jumped back in, and got a subscription and have been a happy customer ever since.

But, alas, Napster sold its US assets to Rhapsody, so now as of today, I’m a Rhapsody customer whether I like it or not.  I’ll give it a fair shake as it’s been a couple years, but Napster has historically been a much better service.  We’ll see if Rhapsody has finally caught up.

If not, many other services have emerged.  Spotify, MOG, Rdio, Slacker and others are just waiting to fill my ear hole with tunes.  We’ll see which way I go.

Why I cancelled SiriusXM

Yesterday I finally cancelled SiriusXM.  For those unfamiliar, SiriusXM is a satellite radio service.  It has tons of really good commercial free music, talk radio, and sports.  The NFL, MLB and Howard Stern all call it home.  I love the content, but I’ve grown increasingly annoyed with the service.

You see, Sirius and XM used to be competitors.  I was an XM subscriber from the beginning, and the switched to Sirius when they got the NFL and Howard Stern.  So I’ve been subscribed to one or the other pretty much from their inception.

When the merger was proposed, there were a lot of people opposed to it.  I wasn’t, I thought it was a great idea.  It was supposed to keep both carriers in business, while lowering costs for consumers and providing a la carte content.  It was also supposed to combine the two so no matter if you bought a car with XM or Sirius, you could be assured that you would get the same service.

It was an uphill battle to get approval, but it went through.  I actually wrote my congressman in support of it, that’s how much I believed that the benefits would be a big deal.

Well, it’s been four years, and while they’ve JUST combined the Sirius and XM websites into one, the services are still separate with some separate content.  We have Sirius in our mini-van and XM in our Prius.  I still have to have separate logins to each.  One website, one billing address, two separate logins. This means that I don’t get the multi-radio discount either.

In addition, prices have not gone down, but rather have gone up.  I used to have access to more stations for the price, and in May they changed plans so I lost some stations that I had been listening to.  A la carte has NEVER materialized and quite frankly choices are now limited.  I also noticed that the streaming internet radio of SiriusXM is raising it’s price on Jan. 1st as well.

So now, in a time where I’m trying to save money by cutting out unnecessary expenses, I just don’t see this as a good deal.  To really get the plan I want, I now have to increase my spend.  It’s still a separate account because the vehicles I happened to buy didn’t have the same service.  I’ll miss the Jason Ellis show, and Faction, Octane, and the Morning Mashup. I’ve missed Howard Stern and the NFL for awhile now.

The tweet that you see above is from the Customer Support team from SiriusXM.  I know that they truly want to help, but I think the problems are too deep and ingrained now for them to make much of a dent.  And I think this doesn’t bode well for the company as a whole.  If I’m leaving, I’m positive others are as well.

Why I support #suckforluck

I’ve been a hard core Miami Dolphin fan all of my life.  Much of my youth was spent watching a consistently good Phins team make the playoffs year after year.  My man cave is adorned in aqua and orange, I have tons of signed Dolphin memorabilia, I listen to (or watch) every game every weekend.  If the Dolphins lost on Sunday it used to ruin the start of my week.

Not any longer.

You see, since the retirement of Dan Marino (where the organization basically forced him out) this team has been nothing but a middle of the road team year after year.  In fact, look at these links:

Miami Dolphin QB’s Since Dan Marino
Coaches Since Don Shula

So yes, SEVENTEEN QB’s and SIX coaches in 12 seasons.  How pathetic is that? Yeah, that’s a rhetorical question.

This organization has now pretty much sucked for a long long time.  And as of today, the team is now 0-7. We suck, plain and simple, and despite that, I still watch or listen to every game.  It just doesn’t bother me when we lose any more.

Part of it simply because I realized that I should “let go” of the fanaticism that comes with being a football fan.  The other is the prospect of landing Andrew Luck as our QB of the future in the upcoming draft.

Andrew Luck is regarded as the best QB to come out of college since Peyton Manning.  He’s the type of player you can build a team around.  It’s become increasingly clear that to win in this league, you need an elite QB.  Someone who can lead your team to victory.  Luck is that type of QB.

So now, there are many Dolphin fans that are all on board the Suck for Luck train.  They want us to suck so bad that we get the first pick in the draft and we can draft Andrew.  It goes against everything a fan should want, but at 0-7 I’m firmly ensconced on that train.

I don’t want another semi-shitty middle-of-the-road season that allows us to draft some kid with a “good motor,” I want a leader.  A killer of a QB. I want Andrew Luck.

Wouldn’t it be a fitting if we could draft Luck in the 13th draft after we forced out Dan Marino?  I think so.  Let the misery end, let us rebuild.  All hail #suck4luck.

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