Cheating on the iPhone with the Google Moto X

Cheating on the iPhone with the Google Moto X

As part of my job is to evaluate technologies, and I just cannot help being Android-curious, I decided to give the Google Moto X phone a try.

The Moto X is the first real new phone out of Motorola after Google bought them and started inserting its influence.  As such, it’s a little different and more ambitious than other phones Motorola has released in previous years.

First off, when you order the phone, you have a wide variety of choices through the Moto Maker site.  You can choose the color for the front bezel, the color of the back of the phone, the color of the highlights (buttons etc.) What home screen graphic you want it to deliver with, and whether or not you want it already set up with your personal Google services.

In fact, they now even have a wooden bamboo option for the back of the phone for something truly unique.

So there are thousands of possible customization options (as opposed to black, white and gold.)  I think it’s a very cool thing to do for a phone, but I doubt we’ll see this proliferate to other vendors.  I think it’s simply too much work with too little return for the phone maker.  In addition, many folks utilize cases anyway.  So why customize the phone, only to cover it with a case?  So while cool, I do think it’s kind of a novelty.

Well what about the phone itself?  First off the Moto X runs an almost pure version of Android Kit Kat with very few customizations.  One thing I hate (about Samsung phones in particular) are all the extra skins and bloatware thrown on the device from the manufacturer and the carrier.  The Moto X is very clean software wise, and that makes for a really excellent experience.

In addition, back when I reviewed the Galaxy S3, the software simply wasn’t as good.  The back button would give unintended results depending on where you were, and some of my favorite apps just weren’t available.  That’s not the case anymore.  Pretty much everything I use on a daily basis is available now on Android.  There’s only one big thing lacking, and that’s a good Twitter client.  I tried a ton and nothing compared to Tweetbot or Twitteriffic on iOS. More of a nuisance than a deal breaker.

The additional killer feature on the phone is the fact that it’s always listening for voice commands.  You spend some time training it, but then the phone is always waiting for you to say “OK Google Now.”  Once you do this, the phone wakes up and awaits your voice command.  Doing things like saying “OK Google Now, Navigate Home” or “OK Google Now, Open Rhapsody” are great when you are driving in the car.

For the most part, the voice commands work well, but you do need to know the commands the phone is expecting.  It’s far more rigid when it comes to natural language than Siri currently is on the iPhone.  That said, you have to hit a button to get Siri to start listening, whereas a simple phrase will wake up the Moto X.

This can also be a little bit of a problem, as sometimes other people saying “OK Google Now” will cause your phone to go into listen mode.  It’s supposed to customize to your voice, but I’ve been able to get display phones at Best Buy to respond every time I’ve tried.  So if you are around a bunch of Moto X users, your phone may get confused.

Another nice thing is the screen while in lock mode.  Since the screen is OLED, Motorola can selectively light up pixels to show information.  So if you pick up the phone, or get a notification, it can only light up that information without having to light the whole screen.  This does wonders for battery life.

You would think that having to listen for commands all the time would really drain the battery, but Google has included a low power consumption chip that is doing that listening.  That, along with the selective pixel notifications, really help the phone battery last.  In fact, it’s the best battery life I’ve tested in an Android phone.  Granted I haven’t tested them all, and something like the huge Razor MAXX would probably have more, but either way you will not be disappointed.

Back to the screen for a minute.  It’s 4.7 inches and is really vibrant.  It’s really easy on the eyes, and even looks good in direct sunlight.  The size makes it still usable with one hand too.  My thumb can reach everything it needs to without too much trouble.

The phone itself has a slightly curved back and fits really nicely into my hand.  It’s well made, solid, and feels like I’m less likely to drop it than I am my 5S.  That said, the back is a little slick, and I would prefer it to feel a little more textured or rubbery for lack of a better term.

Next, one of the most important things for me on a phone has to be the camera.  I’m really spoiled with the iPhone 5S and the Lumia 1020, so if a camera is less than stellar, it could be a deal breaker for me.  As for the Moto X, it’s just so so.  It’s not horrible, but it’s not great either.  It was passable to use for a couple weeks, but I felt myself missing the camera on my 5S a lot.

So, that said, I did go back to my iPhone 5S.  It wasn’t just because of the camera, but it was due to very few reasons.

  • Lack of good Twitter client
  • So So camera
  • iOS eco-system lock in
  • I like the fingerprint reader on the 5S
  • Power and headphone jacks on opposite ends of the phone

Okay, I know this last one sounds kind of dumb, but I mount my iPhone in the car for my commute.  I plug in a cable to the AUX cord on the car for audio and I plug in a lightning cable for power.  On the iPhone, they are both on the bottom of the phone, so the cords come out on one side.  On the Moto X, having one cord come out each side was a little unwieldily.    Very dumb minor thing, but it does affect me.

As for the eco-system lock in, Messages is a biggie.  In addition, my family shares an iTunes account that allows us all to share software, and they all have iDevices.  As such, I save a lot on money when buying applications on iOS.  If I buy something on Android, it’s just me.  So it’s not that the ecosystem is better at this point, it’s just where I happen to live most of the time.

All of that said, this was truly the first Android phone that made me think I could ditch the iPhone.  It’s well made, sleek, feels great in the hand and has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest.  If you like Android, you will love this phone, guaranteed.  If you are an iPhone user, this just might make you want to switch.

I Resolve That 2014 Will Rock

I Resolve That 2014 Will Rock

Every new year, I like to come up with my resolutions here on the blog so they are public for all to see.  It gives me a little more motivation to actually complete some of them.  So, for 2014 my resolutions are as follows:

Lose Weight (Again) – Two years ago I did really well on some Biggest Loser contests and lost a lot of weight.  This past year wasn’t as easy and I gained some back.  I miss how I felt when I had fewer pounds on this frame.  So I would like to get back under 200 pounds.  I definitely think it’s doable, I just need to have the willpower.

Have Fun with Photography – The last couple of years my photography has consisted mainly of gymnastics meets, dance recitals, and food.  I want to re-ignite my passion for taking pictures.  Now I have a great camera on me with the iPhone 5S or Nokia 1020 pretty much at all times, so there’s no excuse not to take more shots.  I also need to break out the DSLR and go take pictures more often.  I think I can make it more fun again.

Learn More – I want to take the time to learn more stuff.  More software, more about managing folks, more techniques for developing photos.  I need to take more time to read, and more time to sit down and simply learn.  We have at work now, so I think I’ll have an easy time with this resolution.

Keep a Good Work/Life Balance – This upcoming year promises to be my busiest yet.  We have a ton going on at work and I’ll really have a lot going on, and a good amount of travel.  I want to make sure I still have time to spend with my girls, my wife and my friends.  No matter how much work comes at me, family comes first.  I’ve seen people lose family this year, and you can never get this time back.  My family will know they mean the most to me.

Put Some Reviews Here on the Blog – In my job, I play with a lot of technology.  I play with new phones, tablets and computers all the time.  I’m also a gadget addict on my own time, so I pick up cool stuff for holidays and such too.  Since I actually review this stuff, I want to write up my thoughts and share it here.  It will get my post count up for the year too.

I think these are all attainable goals and I’m really looking forward to an exciting 2014.  I just need to spend less time in front of a TV and more time enjoying life.  I can make it happen.  Here’s to a great new year!

How ‘Bout Those Resolutions Fat Boy?

Well we’ve completed another trip around the sun, and I always like to look back at the prior year to see how I did on my resolutions.  Kinda half and half this year, so let’s see how I fared:

Enjoy my family – On this one I think I did very well.  I made it a point to schedule work trips around recitals and gymnastics meets, and made it a point to say yes more often when I get asked “Do you want to play?”  Could I still be better?  Sure, but for the most part I didn’t let work consume me, and was able to let my family know they were important.

Maintain my weight and Exercise SOME – Nope.  Not even close.  I’ve gained back about 15-20 pounds since last year at this time and I’m not happy about it.  I just need to get my head back in the right place.  I’m sure this will be something for 2014.

Play more Games – I absolutely excelled on this one.  I completed both Startcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm and Bioshock: Infinite.  I got sucked into the addiction that is Minecraft with my daughters and spent many an afternoon or evening building and mining with my girls.  We also played a lot of Settlers of Catan, and Ticket 2 Ride on the board game front.  Santa brought Risk: Plants vs Zombies edition, Tsuro, and Zombie Dice for Christmas.  My parents also bought us Sour Apples to Apples.  I’ve got Plants vs. Zombies 2 and the next Walking Dead series queued up on the iPad.  So I feel I can once again call myself a gamer.

Learn some stuff – Once again, not really close.  I try to tell myself I’m too busy, but unfortunately the times I could be learning I tend to plop down in front of mindless TV.  I know I’ll do better in the coming year.  I just signed a two year contract at work with  I’ll make sure to take advantage of that.

Update my personal websites – I actually completed this as well.  I tried a couple new themes here on the blog, and have come up with one I like.  In addition I took and set it up to point to all of the places I spend time online.  I figure I’m putting content in a lot of places, so I should make those places easy to find.  They might evolve more in the coming year, but I’m happy I finally got around to completing the updates as my places were feeling kind of stale.

So like I said, I was about 50/50.  I really need to get healthier again, and that’s the one I’m most upset myself for failing on.  I’ll definitely turn that around in 2014.  Now to think about what else is important to me for the upcoming year…

Da Coach Mike Ditka’s Number Retired

On Monday night, the Chicago Bears retired the number of legendary tight end and coach for the team, Mike Ditka.  I’ve always liked Ditka, even when I didn’t like the Bears, so it was awesome to see.

After seeing him honored at half time, it reminded me of a time when my good friend and co-worker, Declan Lynch, and I got to meet the coach at one of his Chicago restaurants.

It’s one of my favorite stories of all time: Declan Does Ditkas.  Check it out.

Things I’ve learned

Things I’ve learned

My 43rd birthday was back in October, and I had planned on doing one of those inspirational “Things I’ve Learned” posts to share what little wisdom I bring to the table.  So it’s taken a few months, but here are things 43 years of living have taught me.

  • There is no better feeling in the world than returning home to be greeted by a happy dog, except being greeted by happy children.
  • You will never regret hard work.  If you work hard at something, it means more.
  • Do not be afraid to fail at new experiences.  Failing = Learning.  In addition, you just may find yourself enjoying something you’ve never tried.
  • You’ll regret the things you were afraid to try much more than the things you did try.
  • Be nice to your ex-loves.  You loved them for a reason, just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean you need to hate them or tear them down.
  • Tip well in every situation, it can only benefit you.
  • If someone is mean to the waiter or waitress, that person is not someone you want to associate with
  • Don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.
  • If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.
  • Try new foods whenever you have a chance, your palate will surprise you.
  • The only truly healthy way to lose weight is to eat healthier, consume less, and exercise some.  You just need willpower, not drugs or a system.
  • Hug your family every single day.  You’ll miss it terribly when you no longer can.
  • Keep your word.  If you promise something, come through.
  • Don’t promise too much.  Always under-promise, then over-deliver.
  • Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself.  It’s good to decompress.
  • If your car costs as much as my house, you can wait to merge into traffic.
  • Be kind to the planet. It’s the only one we have.
  • I don’t care what your belief system is.  If it brings you peace, that makes me happy.
  • You shouldn’t care about my belief system.  It brings me peace, and I am happy.
  • Music should be part of every day
  • Take lots of photos. They are the best way to document the life you live.
  • Don’t worry about things you cannot change.  The sooner you can “let go” of that stress, the happier you will be.
  • There’s nothing wrong with nudity. The human body is beautiful, and people who can’t handle seeing a nipple or a woman breast feeding are idiots.
  • Cursing is not inherently evil.  Words are simply words.  Know when to fucking use them as punctuation.
  • You should live with someone before marrying them.  Loving someone does not equal the ability to live with someone.
  • You’re never too old to play games
  • Be an individual, never be afraid to be YOU.
  • Statistically, half the world are idiots.  If you run across one, don’t bother trying to figure out their motivations.  They are just idiots.
  • Life is too short to hate your job.  If you hate what you do, change what you do.  You have the ability to make that leap.
  • I don’t care what you do behind closed doors as long as you aren’t hurting anyone.
  • Everyone deserves to be happy

I wish I would have known some of these things back when I was a kid. All I can do now is help others. Hopefully this does help in some small way.  Have a great weekend everyone.

The anodized aluminum grip of Apple’s Messages

Since my day job is running an IT Department, I like to keep up with all different kinds of technology. I’ll often get equipment to test out and utilize in order to be able to talk about it intelligently and give the appropriate pros and cons.

To this end I recently obtained a Nokia Lumia 1020 smart phone. It runs the Windows 8 Phone OS and sports a 41 megapixel camera. It’s a very nice piece of hardware, and takes amazing pictures. It doesn’t have all of the applications I normally use on my iPhone, but I could live without some of those for the most part. The thing that really locked me in ended up being Apple’s Messages app.

Messages is the app on the iPhone that you utilize to text other phone users. It also has clients that run on Mac computers as well as the iPad. It’s very convenient to set it up everywhere. When people send you something on Messages, it shows up on all of your devices at once.

You can associate your phone number as well as any number of email addresses to your Messages account. I think at this point, you can find me by my cell number and something like 6 different email addresses. This is awesome, yet it really locks you in.

You see, while testing phones, I used a SIM card adapter to move my SIM card from my iPhone to the Lumia. I was able to fire up the Lumia, make and receive calls, and connect to the internet via LTE. Everything was awesome, until someone tried sending me a text via Messages.

Since I have Messages set up on a couple of computers and an iPad in addition to my normal iPhone, any time someone on IOS tried to send me a message it went to those devices and not the Lumia. I even had my wife try to send me a message using only the phone number, but, since her contacts had that number tied to my email addresses, it automatically sent through Messages anyway and bypassed normal SMS.

Unfortunately, the only way to avoid that is to go to all of your devices and disassociate your phone number from your Messages account. Once you’ve killed off the phone number, then people texting directly to that number should be able to get through. But the problem is all of the folks on IOS with your email address in their contacts. Those will still try to send via Messages rather than the phone number. So to really make sure you receive everything as a text message, the best bet is to disassociate everything from your Messages account.

It’s a pain in the ass sure, but it’s really the only way to do it. Otherwise you are bound to miss something coming through.

I do this for a living, and figuring it out and taking care of it was a pain for me. I can only imagine the normal end user trying to leave the platform. It would be a nightmare. So kudos to Apple, they’ve done a good job of locking you in a way that’s very friendly on the feature front, but a huge pain to ever get out of.

Rather than staying full time on the Lumia for as long as I wanted, I just switched back to the iPhone. It wasn’t the lack of Instagram, Flipboard or Sonos that ultimately killed Windows 8 Phone for me, it was the grip Messages has and my laziness to play whackamole in all my settings. Well played Apple, well played.

#ThanksBruce for your work at OpenNTF

SaveYourHairToday my good friend Bruce Elgort ends his tenure as president of OpenNTF.  For those not in the Notes community, is a repository of open source software solutions for IBM Notes and Domino.  These free software offerings have helped thousands of people and companies implement great solutions, and inspired many developers to learn techniques for programming for the platform.

This community would not be where it is today without Bruce.  His enthusiasm and dedication have really helped keep OpenNTF afloat and in the public eye for many many years.  He deserves every bit of praise he’s getting from all over the world today.

Thanks again for all of the hard work my friend.  Don’t be a stranger :-)

A Decade of Meanderings

A Decade of Meanderings

Ten years ago today I started my public-facing blog with the following wide-eyed post:

Wow, am I loving this blog software or what? It’s truly amazing what a great program this is, and what a tremendous amount of effort it has been to put together a killer blogging app. More to come as I tweak this damn thing.

That software was Blogsphere by Mr. Declan Lynch. It’s how I first got to meet Dec and become friends. That software also gave me a way to join a community of writers, friends and other technologists.  In 2006, it helped me get paid for my writing with a gig that would last three years at Intranet Journal.  It got me press credentials, blogger credentials, and it blazed a trail to do things I may never have otherwise.

My first daughter was nearly two back then and my second daughter was almost here.  There was no iPhone or iPad or Android, and Blackberry was the only game in town.  Mozilla was at version 1.5, and Chrome didn’t exist.   I was planning a Domino 5.0.12 migration to Domino 6.5. I ended up migrating to Exchange.  Ephedrine was still legal over the counter, Napster was a big deal, and HDTV didn’t really exist.  I was a programmer, then an admin, and now I don the pointy hair.  Things really have come a long way.

I’ve written over 1000 posts and interacted with over 2000 comments in those ten years.  And even though my output has diminished over the years, I still love this medium.  And despite the continual “Notes is Dead” proclamations and “Blogging is Dead” idiocy that we’ve had to endure over the years, I’m still working with IBM Notes and still blogging away.

This blog really has been a springboard for so many things.  I’m grateful for that and grateful for every reader who has ever interacted here on Greyhawk’s Meanderings.  This has been a big part of my online world, my online brand, and such an outlet for my writing.  I would have done it if no one was reading, but I’m thankful that you did.

Ten years is a long time to do anything in this world, so I’m happy to have kept it going for so long.  Here’s to doing it another ten.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Dispensing Justice for Ten Dollars a Day

Last week, I was called upon to fulfill my job as a citizen and report for Jury Duty.  Basically, you get called to a courthouse and do a lot of sitting around.  Then, a group of 45 or so of you get corralled like cattle into a courtroom.  You get to answer answer awesome questions like:

Do you have any religious objections to alcohol? or

Does anyone here NOT believe in the US system of Government?

Once you’ve answered the questions, then the attorneys get to dismiss people they think might not be good to their case.  Those of us who seem fine to both the prosecution and defense get picked to be on a Jury.

I’ve actually been called quite a few times, but never actually picked.  Well last week was my lucky week.  I was part of the twelve (and two alternates) who were chosen to choose the fate of a man who was up for felony aggravated battery.

The defendant had struck a man with a large plastic BB gun at 2AM in the parking lot of a taco joint.  When it broke, he then grabbed a baseball bat.  Luckily for the person who was struck (and the defendant) there was an officer that saw him strike a victim the first time, and got there in time to keep him from striking with the bat.

The officer saw the defendant strike the victim.  Everyone on both sides agreed that happened.  They also agree it was in public.  The thing they didn’t agree on was whether or not it was self-defense.  Did the defendant feel threatened enough to have to defend himself? If we had even a shadow of a doubt whether it was self-defense or not, we had to proclaim him innocent.

Now the defendant was too drunk to drive (his fiance drove) and was known for starting fights when drunk (his fiance’s words.)  The victim did NOT want to testify and had to be subpoenaed.  The victim never struck the defendant, and also did not speak English.  What the victim did do is stop the car, get out, and confront the drunk guy.  For many of our jurors, that act of stopping the car (and possibly blocking the defendant in) and then coming around the car meant the defendant could have gotten scared enough to grab the first thing he could get his hands on and defend himself.  He was found by us, a jury of his peers, to be not guilty.

I had to be convinced. I think this guy instigated the whole thing and was acting tough and as soon as someone got back in his face he hit him.  But, I had to feel that beyond a reasonable doubt that he didn’t feel threatened to act in self-defense.  Eventually, as one of the only dissenters, I caved, because there was the wee bit of doubt.

There were lots of screwed up things in everyone’s testimony and no one was really believable.  The original officer who witnessed the crime that night was actually off duty, so rather than pay him overtime they brought in another officer to process the scene.  That officer basically skated through the investigation and only wrote a one page report.  The report didn’t have key info in it that could have been bad for the defendant and good for the prosecution.

Also, through testimony the defendant said he only had five or six beers and stopped drinking at 10PM.  So some folks thought he might be fairly sober at 2AM and just had the fiance drive to be safe.  Also they say he was really remorseful in the police car and very apologetic.

During your Jury Duty, you cannot research the case outside the courtroom, and you can only listen to the testimony. You are also not allowed to talk about it with anyone including other jurors.   I followed the rules.  But after the case was over and this man was set free, I did some research and found some news articles.  The article from the night in question had his mug shot.  He looked completely plastered and he was laughing and defiant.  He didn’t seem remorseful and didn’t look the least bit sober.  If we had been shown the mug shot, it’s possible folks might have had another opinion.

Despite my misgivings, I really like that it takes a unanimous vote of 12 people to convict someone in this country.  I also like that people in the jury are really supposed to have not heard anything about the case and not have any knowledge of the situation.  I think it’s a decent system, and it was nice to see it from the inside.  Our case was fairly laughable, and there were so many mistakes that we had to proclaim the defendant not guilty.  That said, I’m really glad that I didn’t end up on a trial that was more serious or deadly.  I can sleep at night with this decision, I think a more serious case would be much harder to put behind me.

But I leave you with words of advice.  If it’s 2AM, and you really want tacos, go to bed, you’re drunk.


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